The Quest for Meaning

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If one searching and troubled soul would come to you for help, would you set aside your commitments for a while to attend to his needs? I bet you would, right? Because such is the demand of good conscience.

But what if the person tried to show you the signs of his brokenness and pains but you failed to read the signs. Then suddenly you realize it’s over. The memory of that message still lingers through my mind like surging splashes of a tidal wave recurring in the ocean of my consciousness.

“We miss you Sir!” (My Grade 9 Student – March 4, 2016 via messenger)

On the twilight of the following day, he took his own life. Shocked in disbelief, I was utterly devastated. How could I have known what was to come? I haven’t read the message until the morning following his death. I haven’t read his suicidal tendency.

To this day, I still regret not checking on my messenger at the right moment. It has created a deep wound- a vast void at the deepest recesses of my being. What could be a very compelling reason that a person would prefer death over life? Whatever his reason was, I should have been there for him at the right moment but I failed.

What happened to my miniature universe?

Have I become too busy not to recognize the hidden agony and pain of people around me?

I can only speculate looking backwards now. In the eyes of my student, maybe our world has become indifferent and deaf to his unexpressed deepest longings. When you are in your lowest ebb and you have to deal with a world that constantly doesn’t care, where do you hold on to? Will there even be a room for hoping? I guess some questions are better asked rather than answered.

Join me in raising these questions and hopefully, we can find heart-warming horizons – meaningful perspectives from which we can discover life-giving hopes and respectful co-existence. I am a firm believer that to live meaningfully is to meaningfully live with others. In this way, people may find more reasons to live rather than to find more reasons to die.

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Let us build a space – a visible oasis where people don’t need to hide. Let us build a place where people can cast their fears and doubts and not worry about being stigmatized, labelled or rejected.

Have we already forgotten the age-old story of the hare and the tortoise?

It reminds us that we are all in the great race called “LIFE”. We all desire to be a great finisher in this race. And why not? We deserve recognition for every accomplishment we fulfill. However, just like in all other races, we get tired, burned out and stressed. A lot of us feel misunderstood, unloved and uncared. And a lot more of us long for hidden oasis to lay our bodies for a while, just enough time to gather energy to step forward for another day, another month and another year.

If you are feeling down, this is is your freedom space. If you feel compelled to show unconditional support for people who need your love, you are in the right place.

Creating a great and a strong social support system builds a healthy mind and though we still need to deal with our day-to-day struggles, we are assured that in this life, we are making sense of our existence. With caring people on our side guiding us, we shall feel that we have a sense of purpose and direction. Hence, we can come to believe that our existence is not just a drop of tears in the endless sea of a purposeless universe. We are in pursuit of a greater purpose and a greater legacy that would add more colors to this great panorama called “LIFE”.

Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

The journey is long and winding, so let us build a restful place where the tired, stressed, misunderstood, uncared, unloved, stigmatized and rejected can feel the gentle and warm embraces of people who truly care.

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